June 2014

Finally Colored it: Bloom

It was a sketch I really liked, but always wanted to add color to it. Finally did.


May 2014

The Bones Beneath book cover

I had quite a bit of fun with with this one. Creative freedom was essentially given, and the request was for something abstract that was inspired by a sweet portion of the narrative. Blossoms played a large role. So off on my bike I went and photographed blossoms around the city. At the time they were in full bloom. I quite liked the resulting abstraction.


May 2014

Supermale book cover

For this one the author and I went through quite a few options and revisions. We explored Supermale in all kinds of scenarios. In the end, the Author was aiming for something with a taste of cheeky "pop" to it. Thus the little girl.

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One of the Early drafts included an artistic attempt at the literal absence of Supermale. I have always been quite happy with how it turned out.


April 1st / 2014

Keeping it Simple

Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. When redesigning this site for the fourth time, many rules, regulations and suggestions were tossed my way.

For an artists site (especially an artist seeking work and commissions) one must adhere to a few very simple concepts. Keeping it simple is rule number one.

And so, gone are all the extraneous pages. The slightly cheezy bio page is tossed. The navigation has been simplified to 3 straight forward pages. And rather than being bound by the rules of a CMS system, I have gone for a more traditional approach so that I can redesign the site quickly and easily, should my artistic needs for something new arise.

Let the artwork speak for itself, would be the next rule. So rather than a multi-page sprawling gallery... I have opted for a single page to house all of my creations. Lightbox is still my artistic display of choice. It's crisp and simple, and very easy to implement.

The next thing that needed to change was the logo. After several contracts working on logo design and branding, it became very apparent that my logo needed an overhaul.

The new logo, much like everything I do these days, was inspired by my son, and my fatherhood. The central spiral symbolizes myself. The little spiral of the bottom, symbolizes my son. And the blue curl poking out the top left, is my creativity and inspiration.

It looks worlds better than what I had before. Is unique-ish in design. And I am also a fan of the colors. Most of my work tends to contain a lot of bright color. I wanted the new logo to embody that to some degree.

It also contains the almighty spiral. A symbol that finds it way into almost everything I make. Can't help it. For as long as I can remember, I am a slave to the spiral.

Mind you, there are worse things to be slave to...