How Do You Recycle Plastic Bottles?

Do you know that there is around 50 million plastic being thrown away in the United States alone despite the efforts of minimizing its production? There are many ways of unconsciously collecting we consumers its production especially when they are used in our daily needs like milk and other food and objects. If you have collected a lot of bottles in your house, their disposal can be a bit difficult even though you can just hire a dumpster company San Francisco or other dumpster rentals in your town. It needs caution as they can be hazardous and injurious when handled improperly.  

 Why are bottles harmful to the environment 

As the earth becomes warmer and warmer in each passing day, there are numerous efforts from different sectors and organizations in minimizing the production and consumption of hazardous and toxic materials. Bottles are difficult to breakdown. In fact, it needs 700 years for one bottle to decompose entirely in a process biodegrading. This becomes problematic as our landfills are getting more condensed with the overconsumption that we make, and plastic bottles release a toxic substance that harms the environment. 

Ways to Reuse and Recycle plastic bottles. 

1. Use them for your plants 

Garden enthusiasts have found a way to reuse bottles in the garden by using them as bottle planters. All you need to do is to cut the bottom of the bottle, paint it with your color paint preference, and fill the bottle with soil and seeds. You are now good to go.  

2. Make your detergent bottles as watering bottle 

There are many plastic cans for watering that are available in the market. Instead of spending some dollars on this, you can just recycle your big detergent bottles at home and do some manipulations to make it a functional watering can. Just make sure you clean the can properly to avoid detergent chemicals to go into the soil, poisoning your plants. 

3. Make some recycled bottle supply cups 

Commercial buildings especially office buildings are one of the leading causes of plastic bottles, due to drinks and fluid-related products. One way to minimize this is to make plastic bottles as house pens and use them for crafts at home.  

4. Make some piggy banks out of plastic bottles 

One of the ways to save money is to recycle some plastic and turn it into a piggy bank. Its transparent feature makes it good for tracking down how much savings you already have in your plastic bottle piggy bank.  

5.Recycle some containers for food storage 

There are plenty of good plastic containers such as your creamer and coffee plastic containers that are ideas for snack storage such as some chips. This is very efficient especially when you need to take out some foods on a family road trip.  


Recycling can be both environmentally friendly and fun to do! What makes using bottles in your DIY projects is that there are many ways and ideas you can do with your plastic bottles aside from what we have mentioned above. You are not just saving the environment, you are also making art! 

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