Steps in Replacing a Window

What does it take to replace a window? Let me tell you how to take care of it on your own through the following steps. 

What does it take to replace a window? Let me tell you how to take care of it on your own through the following steps.  

  1. Old Window Removal 

If you ever want to replace your whole window, you may need a few steps before you can do the replacement. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the frames of your old window in order to achieve the new window replacement you want. The good news is it costs less than you imagine. Through a crowbar, you can easily remove the entire casing of your window and with the crowbar you can easily remove the trim of your window and the sill plate as well.  

2. Window Frame Adjustment 

After the process of window casing removal ensure that the frame of your window will match the new window’s dimension. If not, it may require you to add some boards and removal of the outer siding of your window frame. Moreover, always make sure that you put at least 1/4 inch of gap on every side of your frame so that you can better have proper insulation and a room for possible adjustments.  

3. New Window Installation 

When installing your new window, always make sure to install felt wrap to counter the effect of moisture. After putting felt wrap, install the window wraps to the outer part of the framing of your window. When doing the process of installing the window wrap, be sure that you are doing it from bottom to top.  

Installing a new window should start from the exterior, thus push your new window from the exterior until it fits the frame. After fitting it with the frame, screw things up and be sure that it is secured through the help of a solid wooden piece. After making sure that your new window is in place, screw and nail it in place to secure it.  

4. Window Wrap 

After securing your window in place, install a window wrap once again and overlap it with the previous window wrap you did thus ensure that you are covering every surface. Make sure that as you are doing the window wrap, you won’t crinkle it or left it folding back on itself. This is a vital step in order to avoid moisture problem in your windows. 

5. Window Insulation 

Make sure that after your window is wrapped you insulate it well. Most often, an expanding foam sealant is applied between the gaps of the casing and your window. After the foam you applied dries out, make sure to scrape out the excess in order to avoid disabling your window from moving.  

6. Exterior Trim 

If there is a need to replace the exterior trim of your window, do so, however you can always save up with letting the exterior stay the way it is.  

These 6 steps may intimidate you and can take time to do, however you can always lean on a window replacement company for help. If you are looking for a company that offers services involving windows, visit and book your appointment today! 

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