When to Prune a Tree

There are a lot of reasons why you’ve got to prune a tree. Correct pruning techniques should be utilized, whether you are promoting new growth, pruning for better structure, fixing problems caused by storm damage, or removing deadwood.  

A lot of people ask “when should I prune a tree?” Well, the answer greatly varies on the reason for pruning the tree. The removal of deadwood and minor pruning can be performed any season of the year. However, seasonality plays a role for a lot of other purposes.  

Today, we are going to talk about seasonal Traverse City tree pruning


It will be a lot easier to prune a tree during the summer season. The reason for this is that the branches are usually leafless. Other different forms of pruning can also be performed in the summer season. This depends on the species of the tree. Usually, professionals prune Cedar hedges in Fall or Summer. This will help them prevent browning foliage that happens if you prune during the Spring season. 


To maintain shape and promote new growth, you have to prune fruit trees in the Spring season. A lot of the reasons you might do this task in the Fall are great reasons to do this task in the Spring. A couple of Spring blooming types might prefer to be pruned after they’ve dropped the blooms. This can include Redbud, Forsythia, Magnolia, or Lilac. 

Winter Pruning 

You can help avoid the spread of illnesses if you prune during the cold season. One type of tree illness that is spread by an insect is Oak Wilt. This can immediately kill an Oak tree. This disease is common in the United States. Thus, it is vital to keep in mind that you should only prune Oaks during the dormant season. This will help prevent attracting the insect the spreads the disease. Typically, this service will be performed from December to February. This depends on the temperature.  

It’s best to wait until the coldest weather has passed during the winter season. The reason for this is that new cuts could become dried out during the cold months. A couple of trees such as Birches, Walnuts, and Maple might bleed whenever the sap starts to flow. This isn’t dangerous and will stop if the tree grows leaves again.  

Fall Pruning 

It’s a popular practice to prune during the tree’s dormancy. Typically, this means after the leaves start falling and before the trees start producing leaves in Spring. Pruning for form and structure can be done a lot simpler if the leaves are removed from the trees and you can clearly see the branches.  

Pruning during this season will lead to major growth in the Spring season. If this is your goal, you can do this. This is particularly true if you’ve got a tree such as Willow, Dogwood, Linden, or Silver Maple.  

A couple of Fall blooming trees will have to be pruned within the season to guarantee a lot of blooms the next year.  

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